My name is Emily and I am an animal enthusiast! I grew up on a ranch back home in Westlake, California where my love for all types of animals grew. For the past five years I have been training dogs and trialed my dog, Jack, for Schutzhund. Jack has been my main training partner and I have spent thousands of hours with him to help him gain confidence, learn obedience, and earn trick titles. Some tricks that I have taught him are:

  • Play dead
  • Sit pretty
  • Weave
  • Spin
  • Turn
  • Whisper
  • Touch
  • Peekaboo
  • Fetching bottles and other items from the refrigerator

I enjoy working with him on my days off for Schutzhund sport training and practicing with him to complete his Schutzhund IGP1. We have already completed our BH in obedience last Fall. Jack has taught me so much about the patience and effort it takes to bring him up through the levels of training. It has also taught me that you have to set new goals and to keep pushing your limits.

Lastly, I am a certified dog groomer and dog trainer. I achieved my Professional Dog Groomer certification in 2015 through PetSmart’s Grooming Academy. In 2017 I earned my Protection, Service, and Obedience Dog Trainer certification from Master Dog Training in Beverly Hills, California.

If you would like to know more information about me and my experience please contact me at the link below!

What People Say

My husky, Blue, was afraid of everyone and everything after we rescued him from the shelter. Now Blue is the most friendly and playful dog! He even plays with my children!

Teri G.

Emily watched my home and my Labradoodle while my wife and I were on vacation. We came back two weeks later and the house was clean and well-kept. I highly recommend using Emily!

Anthony M.

Kona used to be very aggressive to my other dogs and animals. After several training sessions with Emily it is as if she is best friends with my other animals! Thank you Emily!

Candace S.

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